Does the idea of earning an income from home interest you? Do you have a desire to be at home with your children yet contribute to your family’s income? Do you have dreams for your life, for your family, and a desire to help other people along the way?

Me too.

That’s why I took massive action. I woke up one day and decided that I was done feeling like a slave to my 9-5. No longer was I going to work so hard to build someone else’s dreams so I started building my own.

Friend, you can do it do. I can show you how to get started.

The best decision I ever made was to join Wealthy Affiliate. I had started my blog and knew that I wanted to monetize it and earn an income. I knew the potential. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to earn an income from home, from my computer or my phone.

I was doing everything I could to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. But, it was so time-consuming and overwhelming with the amount of information available.

At first, I signed up as a Starter Member because it’s free and I didn’t want to commit to something if it wasn’t going to benefit me. The in-depth training is what led to my ultimate decision to join as a Premium Member which costs $49/month or $349/year.

The deeper into the training I got the more I realized that I had landed in the middle of a gold mine. Then I realized that I needed to begin sharing this with the world. There is so much opportunity here and I know that there are more people out there just like me, looking for freedom of time and money.

Joining is quite simple. Just go to to create your account.

Once you create your free account you can take the tour. I recommend doing this so you know what the icons mean and where to find relevant and important information. You can easily navigate and figure it out on your own, but why do that when someone will just show you?

After you have taken the tour you will find yourself right at the very beginning of lesson 1.

The structure is very user-friendly. Kyle combines text with video instructions and walks you through setting up your website, optimizing it, choosing a niche, creating keyword rich content, and on and on. Along the way, you will check off tasks and when you decide to sign up as a Premium Member you will be on your way to earning the Online Entrepreneur Certificate.

You will also find yourself among a community of other affiliate marketers who are committed to your success. This community is unique and invaluable. Have a question? Live chat. Need advice? Live chat. Have a question about the training lesson you just completed? Leave a comment and someone will reply. Need technical help? Message the Help Center. Typically, you will have your answer within minutes. You are fully supported, encouraged and given the tools for success. All you need to do is the work.

I hope that you have found this helpful. I wanted to share with you how to get started so you can decide today to commit to yourself. Commit to learning a new skill, a new way of earning income, and a new way of doing life. Will you commit to the life you envision? Will you commit to yourself? To your dream? Affiliate marketing can be the vehicle you need to begin creating that life. Take the step today.

Much love,